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For best results, it is suggested that you keep the removal of the tailbag and any brushing of the tail to a minimum. Do not keep braid or tailbag on for more than one week without refreshing the braid. When brushing the tail, be sure to use a detangler spray and a wide tooth vent brush. Do not use a body brush and do not put tail in tailbag while the tail is wet.
Step 1 :  Start with a clean and dry, snarl-free tail. Then separate into three equal sections.
Step 2 :  Start braid below the tail bone and create a tight, neat braid down the entire length of the tail.
Step 3 :  Secure the end of the braid with 2 rubber bands leaving the last 4" free... make sure all 3 sections are secure.
Step 4 :  Turn the bottom of the braid under and slip into the tailbag. Place one tie end through the top of the braid just below the tail bone. Tie securely ... either in a double knot or a bow. Make sure you do not tie around the tail bone itself.
Step 5 :  Finished product!! Note: When choosing a tailbag, make sure it's not so long that your horse steps on it. It should hang well above the fetlock.
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